Alcohol Purchase Limitation

Please kindly note that under our temporary limited license conditions, we cannot accept orders that exceed a certain limit. This limitation applies to per customer per delivery/pick up. If your order exceeds the limit, our customer service will contact you to amend the quantity purchased. If you are not sure if the amount is over the limit or not, please contact us before placing your order.
We have three purchase combinations;
1. Up to 2000ml in total from Sake and Spirits category, or
2. Up to 24 bottoles of Beer, Chuhai and Pre-Mix category, or
3. Combination of 1 & 2 - ratio to be calculated accordingly.
Number of Beer, Chuhai & Pre-mix bottles  Equivalent amount of Sake
1 83ml
2 116ml
3 250ml
4 333ml
5 416ml
6 500ml
7 583ml
8 666ml
9 750ml
10 833ml
11 916ml
12 1000ml
13 1083ml
14 1116ml
15 1250ml
16 1333ml
17 1416ml
18 1500ml
19 1583ml
20 1666ml
21 1750ml
22 1833ml
23 1916ml
24 2000ml

LICENSEE: JFC Australia Co Pty Ltd


. regarding the prohibition on the supply of liquor to a person under the age of 18 years;
- we may ask a proof of age upon delivery
- liquor products cannot be delivered and left at unoccupied premises; and
- liquor products cannot be delivered to anyone who appears to be intoxicated.